Big Potato’s Games Chest

Pirates. Adventurers. Gamers. They’ll all tell you that some of the greatest treasures in life can be found in an unassuming wooden chest – and we’re inclined to agree. So, by popular demand, we’re bringing back our Big Potato Games Chest just in time for Christmas 2018; and better yet, we're loading it with all our greatest hits from the past year.

Maybe you’re in need of a secret stash of games for your office antics, or a gift for the whole family that doesn’t involve screens? Either way, this gorgeous bit of storage doesn’t just look good - it’s full of a massive variety of games that will kick your party up a whole notch just by pulling it out. 

Every Big Potato Games Chest is hand-crafted, and has just that little bit of rustic flair that makes it fit in anywhere. Whether you display it proudly, or use it as a surrogate coffee table, we don’t judge; just as long as you also enjoy the treasures that lie within.

Each chest comes with eleven of our own easy-to-learn and quick-to-play party games, so there’s something for everyone inside – no matter the occasion. Inside each chest, you’ll find:

Obama Llama 2, the rhyming game with the odd-sounding name, where players must act out and describe over 500 different rhyming charades, from “King Kong playing Ping Pong” to “A Pot Noodle falling in love with a poodle”.

Truth Bombs is an explosively honest party game where you get to answer all sorts of ridiculous questions about each other. The best part? It’s all anonymous. Prepare for funny facts, awkward admissions and random revelations that’ll cause explosions of laughter.

Bucket of Doom, the death-dodging adult party game that puts you in an absolutely terrifying scenario with only a handful of useless objects to aid you in your getaway. Escape from militant vegans, angry Sith Lords and human centipedes, then vote for who’s story was the best. 

Colourbrain, a crafty family quiz game where you start with all the answers in your hand. Each question requires you to put down one of your Colour Cards in order to answer it – you just need to figure out which one!

Scrawl, an adult doodling game that’s all about disastrous drawings and godawful guesses. Draw something weird, pass it on and watch helplessly as your friends and family turn it into something absolutely horrible. Most grins wins. 

The Chameleon, a super-social ‘whodunit’ party game, where everyone knows the secret word – except for the Chameleon. Your job is to use your wits to find out who the guilty player is. If you’re the Chameleon, then your job is much more simple. Don’t. Get. Caught.

Weird Things Humans Search For is a family party game that gives you an idea of how strange we all are. Each round, you’ll get the first half of a popular internet search, then you’ll have to guess the rest. The higher your answer ranks, the more points you’ll earn for your team. 

Clickbait is a family game about selling pointless products, one trashy tagline at a time. Flip over a product card, roll the letter dice and write an advert that none of your friends or family could ever resist!

Don’t Get Got is a party game where each player gets given six secret missions to pull off. This isn’t a sit-around-a-table sort of game – you play it alongside whatever else you’re doing, whether you’re at home or on holiday, at a party or even in a plane. 

Dino Dump is our prehistoric card game, based on the classic card game S**thead. This time, we’ve cleaned up the name and turned it into a game for kids age 8 and up. Race to lose your cards as quickly as possible, otherwise you might be in for a smelly surprise!

OK Play is super-simple, super-speedy tile game that you can play with anyone, anywhere. Just grab a coloured stack each and start laying down tiles until someone makes a line of five. Simple!

If you’re still hungry for more, there’s a lot more party-starters and crowd-pleasers to be found in our full range of games. However, these are the final eleven that we’ve handpicked to create the ultimate combination for 2018 – guaranteed to bring friends and family together for years to come.

So, if you feel like your life could do with a few more Game Nights here and there (and you fancy sprucing up your home with a fancy-looking wooden crate), then this just might be the perfect thing for you. Available to buy on from £199.

Happy gaming x