Big Night In

Hi, my name is Nicola and my mission at Big Potato is to host games nights by bringing our party games to you.

If you’re planning any event, from a birthday party to a Christmas do, corporate event to a wedding, just book me in and I’ll come over with our best games, potato plushies and loads of prizes to get your party started.

All you have to do is stock up your fridge, invite your guests and leave the rest to me!

Prices start from £15pp + VAT, which includes me teaching you all how to play our games, plus freebies, amazing discounts and loads of free games as prizes.

We’re the only board game company to offer this service so your guests won’t have experienced anything like it!

Six Big Reasons to Book a Big Night In:

  • Loads of award-winning party games

  • Free games as prizes

  • Amazing game discounts and special offers for everyone

  • No rule reading - your game guru does all that

  • The only service of its kind in the UK

  • Plenty of LOLs and happy guests

Nicola x