We’ve launched a new Kickstarter campaign!

After our wildly popular Muffin Time Kickstarter campaign, we’re back at it again with another one!

You may recognise this game as, you guessed it, Don’t Get Got. But this version takes it to the next fruity flavour:

We’ve teamed up with Shut Up & Sit Down, the most popular board game site on the entire internet. Together, we’ve created a brand-new edition with 120 new missions and an aggressively orange colour scheme.

If you don’t own Don’t Get Got, that’s perfect. Included in this box is everything you need to play, with added colourful flair.

If you DO own Don’t Get Got, that’s perfect too! Think of this box as a very generous expansion, doubling the amount of missions in the base game and letting you play with up to 20 players. Imagine that! It would be carnage.

What is Don’t Get Got?

Check out SU&SD’s glowing review!

“I want to back it! Is there anything else to entice me!?

Why, thank you for asking! With enough pledges, we will reveal not one, not five, but three stretchy goals that we’d like to offer all of our backers for absolutely free.

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