Green Tatos

It’s not easy being green, but we’re giving it our best shot.

And here’s what we’ve done so far to make Big Potato a little bit greener:

We are by no means perfect, but we’re making positive changes. It takes time. There are lots of different initiatives going on across the business.

Here are all the things we’re doing in one place with some details from the people responsible for them. 

One Game. One Tree 

Working with Ecologi, we’ll plant a tree for every single game we sell on our own shop. Check out Ecologi’s virtual forest here.

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Less is More

We’re reducing the amount of packaging we use in new and existing games, by shrinking the size of our boxes.

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Plastic Free Games

By changing the materials we use, we made 64% of our games plastic free in 2021.

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Big Potato Ecologi Forest

Why not take a look around the virtual Big Potato Ecologi Forest? After all, it's grown by people like you!

One Game. One Tree.

We’ve teamed up with Ecologi and the Eden Reforestation Project to rebuild the mangroves of Madagascar. We’ll do that by planting a tree for every game that we sell on the Big Potato website.

Mangroves are four-times better at removing carbon from the atmosphere than rainforests. But with nearly 90% of Madagascar’s original forests gone, it’s vital that we try to reverse deforestation. By doing so, we can support both the environment and the local community.

Less is More

We realised that one simple way to reduce our carbon footprint was to squeeze our games into smaller boxes.

The bits inside are exactly the same, so you’re getting just as much game, but the smaller size means we can cut down on the pollution from transportation, by fitting more of our games inside ships and trucks.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of being able to fit more games on your shelf too!

Plastic Free Board Games

There’s too much plastic in the world, so we cut it out wherever we can. Last year we made 64% of our games plastic free.

We did this this by getting rid of the shrink wrap around boxes and cards, replacing our plastic stickers with cellulose and removing all of our plastic inserts.

We’ve also put out plastic free whale on the front of all our environmentally-friendly games. So, if you see him on the box, it means you’re looking at a bonafide, plastic-free party starter.

Going Even Greener

We’re going to keep trying our best to look for ways to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you have any cool ideas that could make us even greener get in touch at


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