Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog
Chicken vs Hot Dog

Chicken vs Hotdog

A flip it and stick it party game
 4.4 (708)

• Introducing the multi-award winning party game with millions of views on TV and TikTok

• Race to flip 'em and stick 'em. Throw your squeezy character into the air and try to land it on it's sucker with a satisfying THWACK!

• Can you master the challenges? Try to master 24 different flips of varying difficulty

• A party game for 2+ players that's hilarious for families and adults. Perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties and more


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AGE 8+

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- How to play chicken vs hotdog -

How to play
chicken vs hotdog


see why 100,000+ people love chicken vs hotdog! 


Hilariously unique every round

Tons of challenges to keep it interesting.

“Outrageously fun, action-packed and hysterical party game” - Gaming Trend


Play with
any group

Anyone can pick it up and play in seconds, and everyone wants to get involved.

“Highly recommended, easy to set up, and the games don’t take that long to complete!” - Natasha T



Bet according to how confident your team is feeling about landing the flip - highest bid takes it on!

“We have two, age 9, kids and the four of us had so much fun playing this game. Our favorite part is flip-o-rama” - Nicole G

- Watch chicken vs hotdog in Action! -

Watch chicken vs hotdog in Action!

What's in the box?

- What's in the box? -


Chicken vs Hotdog isn't your typical party game!
 Each box includes:

• 24 challenge cards
• 24 bidding cards
• 12 character cards
• 1 chicken sling’em
• 1 hotdog sling’em
• 1 instruction sheet
• 1 potato sticker


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