Best Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults


Putting hundreds of chaotic pieces back together seems like a simple idea, but the jigsaw has been keeping us humans entertained for over 300 years. Now, with more and more adults turning to traditional pastimes to relax, jigsaw puzzles are no longer the stuff of caravan holidays and grandma’s weekly visit. Here’s some jigsaw puzzles for adults we reckon anyone with a hankering for a challenge will love. 

EXIT Puzzle: The Sacred Temple

Can’t decide between an adventure board game or a jigsaw puzzle? We’ve got you covered. 


One jigsaw puzzle isn’t enough for ya? How about four - and we’ll throw in some riddles for good measure.Just like any adventure game, you’ll be racing through the jungle on a small island trying to find the Sacred Temple before your rival treasure hunters do. Unlike standard board games, players must assemble one puzzle at a time, guiding you through the game. It’s the perfect mashup of adventure and puzzles. 

Waterstones - Famous Works of Modern Art Puzzles 

Create a masterpiece (sort of). 

Do you have a favourite piece of artwork you could stare at for hours? How about staring at it in 1000 pieces? One for the art lovers, Watersone’s Adult jigsaw puzzle range lets you recreate classic artwork, featuring Van Gogh, Hosukai and Klimt to name but a few. Assembling a piece of artwork section by section allows you to examine your favourite artworks in a new light as you pour over each tiny detail. You may not be the next picasso, but with this collection you can still create something beautiful. 

Turn Any Photo Into a Puzzle

An excuse to gaze at yourself for hours. 

With PuzzleYou, you can turn any image your heart desires into a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Perfect for resurrecting an embarrassing nightclub photo for an unsuspecting friend, a sentimental memory for a family member or perhaps just to see your own face jumbled into 2000 pieces. We heard some people are into that. 

The World of Jane Austen Jigsaw Puzzle

If your own Mr. Darcy hasn’t turned up yet, immerse yourself in Regency High Society while you wait. 

Featuring places, faces and even Jane Austen herself, you can bring nineteenth century England to life with this delectable 1000 piece amalgamation of Austen’s famous novels like ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Emma’. Piece together the complex, scandalous world of nineteenth century high society from the comfort of your home just like Austen did. We recommend living in your family’s attic and working by candlelight for maximum authenticity. 

Fauna Jigsaw Puzzle by Cloudberries

A categorically satisfying puzzle of Animals. 

If you’re the type who would enter their entire life into a colour coded spreadsheet if you could, you’ll love this one. There are 48 individually coloured sections filled with a sublimely simple illustration of a different animal in this 1000 piece puzzle. The neat squares will definitely serve as a welcome break for the more impatient puzzlers amongst us. Piecing together these pastel tiles will give you the organisational thrill of gliding a new highlighter across a notebook. Aaaaah. 

Night At The Movies 

Cinephiles assemble! 

Night At the Movies is so much more than just a jigsaw. The 1000 piece puzzle is also packed with over 100 cryptic clues and illustrations referencing classic movies. Players need to solve the riddles as they assemble the puzzle, creating an old-school movie drive-in. So if you reckon you can sort your Kubricks from your Coppolas and your De Niros from your Dicaprios, Night At The Movies is the perfect showcase for that impressive brain of yours.

Personalised Ordnance Survey Map 

They know where you live. 

Create a customised puzzle-map of your very own neighbourhood but by entering your postcode - now you can get to know your ‘ends without even leaving the house. The 255 piece puzzle covers a 2 mile area of your choice and includes a cut out house shape to mark your starting point, to avoid the embarrassment of getting lost in your own backyard. The perfect housewarming gift for lovers of maps or just those with a terrible sense of direction.

Keith Haring Puzzle

Bring the late, great artist’s whimsical designs to life. 

Keith Haring’s iconic designs of faceless figures have had a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. This 1000 piece puzzle features several iconic designs from the legendary pop artist. As Haring was a fan of displaying art on unusual surfaces, you can frame the finished puzzle for an interesting alternative to printed wall-art. 

Percy Pig Jigsaw 

The infamous M&S sweet inches one step closer to world domination, one puzzle piece at a time. 

Back in my day, supermarket brand sweets were supermarket brand sweets and jigsaws were jigsaws. Oh how the times have changed. Everyone’s favourite M&S snack has launched a surprisingly difficult 500 piece puzzle featuring a huge pile of Percy Pigs. You may be driven slightly mad trying to distinguish an ear from a nose so make sure you fuel yourself with plenty of Percy Pig paraphernalia solving this one.

Cool Cats Jigsaw

Crazy cat ladies rejoice. 

(Please note, we could have filled this section with painfully tenuous cat puns but resisted the urge in the name of journalistic integrity). This 1000 piece puzzle features a breed of cat for every letter of the alphabet with super cute illustrations. Be warned, letting your own cat loose near the finished puzzle may result in total puzzle destruction. 

Map Of The Universe Jigsaw Puzzle

Ponder your insignificance (if you’re not doing that already). 

Turns out the universe is pretty big! This 1500 piece puzzle map reveals just how densely packed our universe is with galaxies, solar systems and stars. The earth is barely a spec of dust compared to the endless expanse of the universe - you could even treat the finished puzzle like the world’s hardest game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ 

Now pretty much anything can be puzzle-fied, dusty old jigsaws sitting in your attic are but a fading memory. Whether you’re into traditional 1000 piece puzzles, 3D jigsaws or puzzles that completely turn the jigsaw puzzle on its head, there’s a jigsaw puzzle for adults out there that will fit you just right.

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