Board games for $10 and under

Board games for $10 and under

These cheaper board games might cost a little less and come in smaller boxes, but we’ve still worked hard to squeeze as much fun as we possibly can into them. So, if you don’t want to spend big, these pint-sized party games for $10 and under could be the perfect party-starter for you.

Spend a little, play a lot

Just because a board game costs a bit less, doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. To create our cheaper party games, we took all the best bits from the bigger boxes and packed them into tiny mini-versions for you to enjoy.

Like all the best cheap board games, they’re still capable of getting everyone around the gaming table. The only difference is, you’ll be able to fit even more $10 board games onto the same table — so who’s laughing now?

Found what you’re looking for?

Whether you want a game you can take with you on holiday or you’re planning a party night with friends, we have plenty more games to choose from.

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