Free Printable Board Games

Looking for printable board games? We’ve released 3 of our most popular board games as printable pdfs so that you can print and play at home. We’re also adding new printable trivia board game questions every week, so make sure to check in regularly.

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Don't Get Got free printable board game

Don’t Get Got: Working From Home Edition

Attention employees! Please assemble in the meeting room for a special announcement:

In this free printable version of Don’t Get Got, all the missions are based around working from home

Here’s how it works. You and up to five of your workmates will each receive six top-secret missions, each requiring you to trick the other players in some way. The first player to pull off three of their missions (however long that takes), wins.

Every single one of these missions has been designed around conference calls and video chats. So, whether you’re on a one-on-one Skype session or a 10-person Zoom call, you can finally go back to annoying your favourite workmates — from a socially acceptable distance.

Good luck, have fun and try not to get in trouble with your boss.


Mr Lister free printable board game

Mr Lister

Howdy there quiz-slingers, Mr Lister here!

The Big Potato clan have whipped up a free printable version of the original Mr Lister board game from 2015, which the local stores don’t sell no more.

Just click the link to download all the cards for a rootin’ tootin’ game with your folks.



Free board games Obama Llama and Goat on a BoatObama Llama (UK) and Goat on a Boat (USA)

Next up is Obama Llama and its cousin from the USA Goat on a Boat. They’re rhyming charade board games with strange-sounding names.

If you haven’t played them before, then no drama. All you have to do is work out the celebrity rhyme that is being performed for you. Some are pretty surreal, like Jessica Biel wrestling an eel. Some are very dumb, like Heidi Klum has a green thumb.

Anyway, rhyme away and have a wonderful day.


Free Monthly Board Game Quiz

The Big Potato Pub Quiz

Play along every month with a live quiz hosted by Ben and Aimee.

The pub quiz questions are themed around Big Potato board game favourites like Colourbrain, Blockbuster, Linkee and more. Grab a pen and paper and play along at home!

Tune in live for the chance to win prizes in chat.

Free Board Game Apps


Umm: Super Simple Word Game App

Welcome to Umm. The free to play super-simple riddle game with rubbish pictures.

Figure out what the drawings are and think laterally to solve the brainteasers. Warning: it gets tricky very quickly.


Tabletopia Free Board Games

Have you checked out Tabletopia before? It’s an online board game simulator where you can play games around a virtual table, just like real life!

We’ve released two of our board games for free, click the links below to play.